Counter Strike Source Zombie Riot Server
Kharon, Mon Oct 02 2017, 12:28AM

Counter Strike Source Zombie Riot Server

Server Address:

This server runs a Zombie Riot Mod with custom Days & Headcrabs included

GameME Ranked Server
This is a GameME Ranked server for tracking all your kills and fun along with earning medals and ranks. Compete with players across all our servers to show what you are made of

How This Server Works
This is a Humans Vs Bots (Zombies) Server
Zombies are on the Terrorist Side & usually 15 at a time
A Market is available for all your weapon needs wherever you are on the map (!market)

We have 18 Custom Days lined up, each gets harder as you progress

Join the Bots
Feel like the zombies need a hand or just arn't getting the job done, The zombies team is open to have Humans join them. Please Note. This is monitored by the admins for abuse - see server motd for more info

The Leveling System

Ready to Play?

Jump into the insane world of the BlackSquad Zombie Riot Server and Show them who is Boss