Black Squad Harassment Policy

The Black Squad Clan & Community has a ZERO Tolerance Policy for all harassment and discrimination of it’s members and from its members to the general public.

We believe in a fair and safe community where no matter you gender, preference, religion, color, etc… everybody is equal and will be treated as such.

We want to be a diverse community with gamers from all walks of life and to achieve this we need to be a safe and welcoming community, where our members and public members feel safe and protected.

I will touch on this subject as it seems to be a big one out in the gaming community, Female Gamers. While we do not currently have any female gamers as part of the Black Squad Community, we have in the past and will again in the future. While we can pride ourselves on saying we had no issues with harassment of our female members in the past, I want to look to the future and maintain our flawless record.

I can’t stress this enough, This is a personal point for myself as well, Kharon, any harassment or discrimination will be dealt with swiftly and with severe consequences. It makes the whole Black Squad Clan & Community look bad and that is not on, we are better than that. I believe we are better than than, prove me right by doing the right thing.

The below form is used for anonymous reporting of harassment and discrimination. (Kharon is the only person to see this form.)
Once the form is received, the case will be investigated and dealt with.

    (This is confidential and will not be shared with anybody)

    (This is confidential and will not be shared with anybody)

    Please be as detailed as possible, I will contact you directly to discuss furthure