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06 Oct : 11:58
NEW Skill NOW Active on the Hardcore RPG Server

02 Oct : 00:09
Alternatively we could look at giving a few more starting credits for a better chance

02 Oct : 00:08
I dont really want to set the exp on kills much higher, ill look into it. I need to modify the bots so they are all higher levels as you have probably noticed there are bots still around lvl5.

If all bots were at lvl 100+ gaining exp would be a lot higher as it is base exp rate * level of target killed. So at the current rate killing a level 120 if you are level 1 is instant level up from 1 kill. Obviously killing a level 5 will have to happen 25 times for the same effect.

Once i have altered the bots we can re-assess the base exp level

01 Oct : 14:13
i think xp should be at least doubled, this kid i was playing with seems to be stuck on the lower levels about ~30

01 Oct : 06:02
woot sounds great, thanks Kharon!

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Application Form

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We Expect All applications to be filled out in the following format, copy and paste and fill in the details. Please Note BlackSquad is a 15+ Clan.

The replys to these questions are only for an example.

Real Name
John Doe

Game Name
Crazy Eye Killer


Tell us about yourself
i love to game in my spare time, but when its not my spare time i am working 27 hours a week at dominoes. It sucks but it pays the bills smile

What games do you play?
CSS, Diablo, COD Black Ops 3, Battlefield 1

Why do you wish to join BlackSquad?
Because the clan seems very friendly and i enjoy the game servers you provide

Would you be interested in the WAR Section (Organised Clan Wars)?
No im too noob haha

Do you play the RPG server?

Do you plan normal CSS? (Counter Strike Source)

Do you have any specializations is CSS?
I am good at awping but nothing else

What is your Steam ID? (Type status in console in game and copy and paste your number)

Did a BlackSquad member refer you to this clan?
Yes trent did


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