About Us

We are a close knit group of friends who mostly started as strangers, while there are not many of us left from the old days, we will continue to keep the dream alive.

We started the clan way back around 2005 and have undergone a couple of name changes, please see the “Our History” page for more on this.

After a 4 year hiatus due to personal circumstances we are back in 2021 and have every intention of building the Black Squad Clan and Community back up to its former glory.

We try to have a good mix of members from casual gamers to competitive gamers to coders and everyone else in between.

After finally getting settled with our new WordPress based website which is a huge improvement over our old e107 based sites. We are looking to the future.

While most of us have a lot of real life commitments such as full time jobs, spouses, kids, we all endeavor to put our most into the Black Squad to help it grow and prosper.

While that is enough about us for now, come join us on the forums and in game to find out more about our Clan and Community.